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quarta-feira, 23 de novembro de 2011

3o ano - GABARITO - SO and SUCH


1. She is so nice girl. - SHE IS SUCH A NICE GIRL.
2. Those are such a beautiful flowers. - THOSE ARE SUCH BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS.
3. Molly is such intelligent. - MOLLY IS SO INTELLIGENT.
The soup was such a cold that I couldn't eat it. - THE SOUP WAS SO COLD THAT I COULDN'T EAT IT.
5. Bob is such an lovely person. - BOB IS SUCH A LOVELY PERSON.
6. It was so wonderful movie that I want to see it again. - IT WAS SUCH A WONDERFUL MOVIE THAT I WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN.
7. The cake looked so a delicious. - THE CAKE LOOKED SO DELICIOUS.
8. I'm having such good time here. - I'M HAVING SUCH A GOOD TIME HERE.
9. You are so good friends. - YOU ARE SUCH GOOD FRIENDS.
10. The song was such a romantic. - THE SONG WAS SO ROMANTIC.

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